Christian Ramon Vergara have graduated with a Fashion Design and Styling BA degree from the LCI Barcelona University. In order to start a career in this industry as a Fashion Designer I have decided to move to London. I like to feel active, useful and creative and I always want to be involved of fashion. I see myself as an efficient individual, very creative and I can add value to any team. As a person I am passionate, skilled and knowledgeable in many areas of the fashion industry, particularly drawn to all the areas of women's wear because of the shapes, colours, materials and choices in creativity. 

While I was studying in Barcelona,  I was able to obtain work experience through several part time jobs (trend reseacher, stylist, assistant in showroom, volunteer) and during his time interning with Antonio Miro Atelier for 3 months, He was able to focus more on the technical side of fashion; making patterns, cutting fabrics, fitting samples. Through these activities I feel and I have acquired a strong capacity to design clothes.


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